PRESS RELEASE | X-Gamer Energy Snus - The First and Only IFS-Certified Energy Snus on the Swedish Market

Our Commitment in Light of Increased Competition and Our Customers' Safety.

Energy snus has quickly become a popular choice for those seeking a healthier lifestyle with a pouch under the lip. In a market becoming increasingly saturated with traditional snus of various brands, we at X-Gamer truly stood out when we launched our X-Gamer energy snus. What truly sets us apart is that today, we are the first and only energy snus on the Swedish market to have achieved the prestigious IFS certification.

Significance of the IFS Certification:

IFS (International Featured Standards) is a series of international standards certifying food safety and quality. These standards have been established to ensure that products reaching consumers meet strict requirements concerning safety, quality, and sustainability. Achieving an IFS certification is a testament to the quality, demonstrating that a company and its products have undergone thorough scrutiny and meet the highest standards.

Our Commitment:

At X-Gamer, we take pride in producing our energy snus in a factory that has attained the coveted IFS certification for our products. In a time when the market is becoming more competitive, we've seen other brands attempt to imitate our products. A challenge many of these companies face is that they manufacture in various factories across the country that are NOT IFS Certified. The issue here is that they produce these pouches in the same facilities and machines they typically use for manufacturing tobacco and nicotine-containing snus pouches. This leads to the presence of high levels of both nicotine and tobacco in some brands on the Swedish market.

We consider this approach problematic and potentially a health risk for consumers. Producing energy snus in the same spaces and machines as tobacco and nicotine-containing products results in cross-contamination and inaccurately labeled products on the market, as nicotine isn't included in their ingredient list.

Our Pride in IFS Certification:

This is why we're proud to be the first and only IFS-certified energy snus on the Swedish market. Our certification showcases our commitment to quality, safety, and integrity regarding our products. By undergoing rigorous inspections and meeting the highest standards for production and quality assurance, our customers can rest assured that they're consuming a product made according to the strictest norms.

The Future of Energy Snus and Certifications:

We look forward to continuing to lead the way in the energy snus market and setting an example for other brands. We hope that our dedication to quality and safety will inspire others to follow suit and that more products in the energy snus category will become IFS-certified.

In a time when consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of their choices and demanding higher standards, the IFS certification for X-Gamer energy snus is a testament to our commitment to offering products that are safe, high-quality, and in line with the best production guidelines. We eagerly anticipate a future where consumers can trust that their energy snus consumption is safe and of the highest standard.



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    Kan jag fortsätta använda Energi snus efter datum

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    det här var bra att veta

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