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X-Gamer Essentials Bundle 2.0

X-Gamer Essentials Bundle 2.0

X-Gamer Essentials Bundle 2.0

Regular price 450.00 kr Sale price 382.50 kr

X-Gamer Essentials Bundle 2.0 is the perfect place to start your X-Gamer experience, as well as being a quality top-up for the existing veteran. Included is a shaker and twenty of our most popular, mouth-watering flavors as well as energy pouches. 

Stay fueled and hydrated through your most demanding gaming sessions. We’re here to help you take the edge! 

This Bundle includes:

X-Mixr Glacial Shaker

X-Shotz Horus 10g – 2pcs
X-Shotz Steve’s Apple 10g – 2pcs
X-Shotz Nightshade 10g – 2pcs
X-Shotz Sakurafuri 10g – 2pcs
X-Shotz Sour Cherry Twist 10g – 2pcs
X-Shotz Bluenitro 10g – 2pcs
X-Shotz Dark Rush 10g - 2pcs
X-Shotz X-Rayz® 10g – 2pcs
X-Shotz Gummilicious 10g – 2pcs
X-Shotz Cape Town 10g – 2pcs

Cola Twist Energy Pouch - 1pcs
Lemon Cactus Energy Pouch - 1pcs
Peach on Ice Energy Pouch - 1pcs

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