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Our all-new X-Gamer Fruit Punch Quick Meal will have you ready to take on the day, this meal replacer has a delicious fruity blend that will have you making another one in no time. 

Not only is it a convenient meal for those who are on the go, but it's also enjoyable at all times of the day. Each bag contains all 25 vitamins and minerals, essential fats, and No-added Sugar

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Healthy & Delicious On The Go Meal

With high protein, and no added sugar our Quick Meal will satisfy your tastebuds with mouthwatering flavours.

Packed With Flavour

With more than 25 Vitamins & Minerals per serving, 12.2g Protein, 2.5g Fibre and much more!

Value For Money

With 1 serving in each bag, you have an abundance of delicious flavour and a full meal at a reasonable price.

Easy To Make

1) Take 1 scoop (70g), pour into a shaker
2) Add 300ml/500ml Water Or Milk
3) Shake & Enjoy!