X-Mixr 5.0 Black Pearl Shaker

99.00 kr

All you need to know

Our 500ml Black Pearl Shaker is here to meet your needs, crafted from high-quality material with a cool smoked black colour.

This shaker comes complete with a mesh that effortlessly blends the powder, ensuring a smooth and clump-free consistency every time.

In order to keep your Shaker in optimal shape, we suggest cleaning it with warm, soapy water following each use and ensuring it is completely dry after every washing.

  • 🚰 Dishwasher Safe
  • 💚 BPA & DEHP Free
  • 💪 Durable Design
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"I love my the shaker. The smoked out color and the size of it. Add some powder, water and ice and shake it up and you're ready to go!"
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