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Cornelia Holm


Cornelia "Conny Future" Holm here and I'm a professional MMA fighter. I come from outside of a small town in the middle of the woods. I grew up with hard working parents and that's what I became too, always hard working. My background in martial arts is freestyle wrestling but my big breakthrough in sports came when I started MMA. As an amateur I progressed fast and within 3 years I had two European championship golds and one gold from the World's in Las Vegas. When I did my professional debut I was ranked number one pound for pound in the world with a 10 fight winning streak. I've always seen myself as different, never looked down on people but I knew I was special and when I started MMA I knew that this is my thing, this is where my dreams will come true and from the get-go I wanted to be the best in the world. Still chasing that dream 8 years later, aiming for the UFC and the World title.

My Favourite flavour is FUZZBERRY!

Zvonimir Kralj


My name is Zvonimir and I’m 29 years old. I’m professional MMA fighter. I have been training MMA since 2009. I did compete a lot in grappling, boxing and Brazilian jiu-jitsu in the beginning of my career but now I only focus MMA. In 2016 I became Swedish national champion in Brazilian jiu jitsu and in 2017 national champion in amateur boxing.

My goal is to be the best version of myself and compete a lot. I am under the contract with Brave combat federation and I’m glad to be the part of world’s fastest growing MMA promotion. You will see more of me in the near future.

My favourite X-Gamer Energy flavour is Hyper berries, raspberry & black currant

Tove Brodin


My name is Tove Brodin and i’m a professional Muay Thai Fighter from Gothenburg, Sweden. I have around 15 fights as an amateur in both Muay Thai and K1 (full contact kickboxing). I did my professional debut on Lion Fight 2019 when they came to Sweden and I won that fight. I have since signed a contract with them. Other merits are a silver medal from the Swedish Muay Thai Championships in 2018 when I had only been competing in full contact thaiboxing for less than a year. Additionally, I have a silver medal from the Swedish Kickboxing Championships 2019, where I competed on short notice one weight class up, since I had no participants in my own weight. My next goal is to win the belt at the Swedish championships in the end of May this year.

My favourite X-Gamer Energy flavour is cherry cola (Dr Beast), but I'm also severely addicted to the X-Gamer salted caramel Popcorn

Nermin Mehmedagic


Sahil Siraj


My name is Sahil Siraj and I’m a professional MMA-fighter and I live in Sweden, I was born and raised in Afghanistan. I started with martial arts when I was fifteen years old, the reason I started was because the other kids bully me at school and I wanted to become stronger to defend myself. In the beginning my plan was not to start with competing but after about two years of training my coaches advised me to start competing in Kickboxing. Since than I have done around 25 amateur fights in kickboxing and 58 professional fights in K-1 and Mauy thai with a record of 55 wins and 3 loses. My MMA-record is at the moment 5-0 and my goal is to be the best and stay undefeated during my MMA-carrier. It is not easy to find a balance between being a professional athlete, having a heavy fulltime work as a roofer and being a father at the same time. You have to be 100% committed to what you are doing, you have to plan your days well to achieve your goals.

My favourite X-Gamer energy flavour is definitely Hyperbeast.

Anton Turkalj


Marianne Ahlborg


I'm a smalltown girl that going towards there stream and chasing my dream to become a world champion. I started boxing at the age of 21 and have achieved amazing results. I never give up and that is what makes me strong. Two times Swedish Champion Three times Golden Girl Champion Undisputed pro boxer 3-0

Motival quote - It ain't over til it' over

My favourite X-Gamer energy flavour is Sun Beam (Pink lemonade).