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Hyperbeast mousepad (1100x450mm)

Hyperbeast mousepad (1100x450mm)

Hyperbeast mousepad (1100x450mm)

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X-Gamer Hyperbeast Pro Mousepad is exclusively designed alongside with award-winning designer Brock Hofer, and a must have work of functioning art for all gamers.

SPECS: 1100mm x 450 mm x 4 mm

The pad is crafted to perfection with very durable, extremely strong, flexible and smooth cloth for maximum precision, accuracy and stability. The surface is optimized from a thermally treated micro-textured cloth to enhance the movement for all gaming mice.

The high quality materials also make it easy to keep your wrist in an ergonomic position. The mousepad is large enough to fit your keyboard, keeping all the essentials on this amazing mousepad

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