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Matkoma Bundle Pack

Matkoma Bundle Pack

Matkoma Bundle Pack

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A sample pack with some of Matkomas favourite flavours, all in one delicious bundle!

This Bundle includes:

X-Mixr 5.0 Transparent Shaker

X-Shotz Hyperbeast 10g – 2pcs
X-Shotz Hyperberries 10g – 2pcs
X-Shotz Sun Beam 10g - 2pcs
X-Shotz Fuzzberry 10g – 2pcs
X-Shotz Horus 10g – 2pcs
X-Shotz Gummilicious 10g – 2pcs
X-Shotz Zomberry 10g – 2pcs

X-Corn Salted Caramel 3x100g
X-Corn Sweet and Salty 3x100g
X-Corn Extra Butter 3x100g

Chocolate Frenzy X-Bar 
Salted Caramel X-Bar

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