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Starter Pack 1 (9 X-Shotz + Black Pearl Shaker)

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All you need to know

The Starter Pack 1 has the perfect blend of flavours that will provide the high-quality boost you need to keep going.

This pack comes with a FREE SHAKER and NINE mouth-watering flavours. 

Stay energized and stay hydrated during the most demanding sessions. 

This Bundle includes:

FREE X-Mixr Black Pearl Shaker

1 x Post Melon X-Shotz

1 x Hyper Berries X-Shotz

1 x Ginger Queen X-Shotz

1 x Sun Beam X-Shotz

1 x Steve's Apple X-Shotz

1 x Horus X-Shotz

1 x Fuzzberry X-Shotz

1 x Bluenitro X-Shotz

1 x Zomberry X-Shotz


  • ⚡ ️Get a boost with 200mg of caffeine
  • 🥥 Keto & Vegan friendly
  • 🌴 Low in calories, only 27 K-cals per 500ml serving
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