Three Amigos Bundle

645.00 kr

All you need to know

The THREE AMIGOS BUNDLE has all the Lemon and Cactus you would need to take on El Guapo and his goons.

This pack comes with a FREE X-ZERO WATER BOTTLE, Lemon Cactus Energy Pouches and the All New Limited Edition X-Zero Lemon Cactus. 

This Bundle includes:

1 X X-Zero Water Bottle (950ml)

1 X Lemon Cactus Energy Pouches

1 X Lemon Cactus X-Zero Tub (160g/100 Servings)

  • 💰 Affordable price per serving
  • ⚡ ️100mg of caffeine per serving
  • 🥥 ZERO Sugar & ZERO Calories
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"A really nice pack if you want to try some of their different flavours"
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