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X-Gamer Svenska Raketligan Bundle

X-Gamer Svenska Raketligan Bundle

X-Gamer Svenska Raketligan Bundle

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X-Gamer Proudly sponsors the Svenska Raketligan Monthly series of open tournaments and to celebrate the playoffs this weekend we have the official bundle for the Swedish Rocket League. Stay fueled and hydrated through your most demanding gaming sessions. 

This Bundle includes:

X-Gamer 5.0 X-Mixr Svenska Raketligan Shaker

X-Corn Salted Caramel 3x100g
X-Corn Sweet and Salty 3x100g
X-Corn Extra Butter 3x100g

X-Shotz Cape Town 10g – 2pcs
X-Shotz Sun Beam 10g – 2pcs
X-Shotz Horus 10g – 2pcs
X-Shotz Sour cherry twist 10g – 2pcs
X-Shotz Dr. Beast 10g – 2pcs
X-Shotz Dark Rush 10g – 2pcs
X-Shotz Nightshade 10g – 2pcs
X-Shotz Sakurafuri 10g – 2pcs
X-Shotz Bluenitro 10g – 2pcs
X-Shotz Powacrush 10g – 2pcs


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