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Tired of the same old popcorn? X-Gamer Energy will help you with this!

Our GMO and allergen-free Salted Caramel microwave popcorn is “covered in sweet, thoroughly-baked salted caramel” no need to worry about getting sticky hands. 

NB: For Microwave Use Only!

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A Quick & Easy Popcorn Snack

A single bag takes only 2 - 3 minutes to cook. Pop a bag into the Microwave, and enjoy!

Gluten Free

This popcorn is suitable for various diets including vegans and vegetarians and is naturally gluten free.

GMO Free

Healthy snack option that is high in fibre, and GMO Free, perfect for healthy snacking.

Allergen Free

Popcorn kernels are perfect for those looking for an Allergy free snack.