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Our all-new X-Gamer Quick Meals will have you ready to take on the day, with their various blends of flavour.

This bundle contains 3 meal replacers:

1 x Fruit Punch Quick Meal
1 x Cookies 'N Cream Quick Meal
1 x Melon Vanilla Quick Meal

Not only is it a convenient meal for those who are on the go, but it's also enjoyable at all times of the day. Each bag contains all 25 vitamins & minerals, essential fats, and No-added Sugar.

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Healthy & Delicious On The Go Meal

With high protein, and no added sugar our Quick Meal will satisfy your tastebuds with mouthwatering flavours.

Packed With Flavour

With more than 25 Vitamins & Minerals per serving, Proteins, Fibre and much more!

Value For Money

With 1 serving in each bag, you have an abundance of delicious flavour and a full meal at a reasonable price.

Easy To Make

1) Take 1 scoop (70g), pour into a shaker
2) Add 300ml/500ml Water Or Milk
3) Shake & Enjoy!